Friday, June 22, 2012

Communication...or rather, lack thereof...

Just when I thought things were progressing, I realize that I'm overdrawn on my bank account.  It wasn't my doing, hubby decided to make purchases and while they were necessities, the timing was off.  Our new home does not have much in the way of storage.  Hubby usually installs closet organizers (the kind you get at Home Depot) and we priced and measured what we would need for the bedrooms and it was in the $2000-$2500 range.  Yikes!  So when he found something that would work and it was high quality at Costco, for about $450, he thought it was a deal.  I came home to find two shelving units in our closet and one in our daughters room and was happy to have functionality back in my bedroom, but, really hate the thought of our next paycheck being spoken for.

I'm disheartened, and sometimes I feel that hubby gets real closed minded when I try to talk to him and he takes it personally...I certainly don't want to fight.  I'm really stressing the need to communicate...I hope he's listening.

On another note, I'm down about 3 lbs., and it's not even my weigh-in day!  Yay!  I've been walking/jogging/running 2-4 miles a day this week, watching what I eat, loading up on fruits/veggies AND no alcohol...:)  I feel hopeful....

...and hope is a nice feeling to have.

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