Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reverse Psychology

I think I'm on to something. 

Since my last blog post, I've logged on completely stumped because I wanted to blog, but felt like such a loser because it seems that I really stink at money management, that I wouldn't blog...just avoid it...just forget that this blog even exists.  

Then of course, the guilt of over spending would set in and the knowledge that I lack accountability in this area would become even more obvious. I would read other blogs, and feel like I really had nothing to contribute because in my mind, my mess is way too big.

 Which brings me to about two weeks ago...when I totally forgot about money.  You see, I have this high school reunion coming up and I'm kinda freaking out about not having dropped much weight this summer.  A friend had five passes to Bikram yoga (more on that later) that she couldn't use and asked if I wanted to try out.  I had been wanting to try it...but, it's pricey, and my thinking was that I'd probably HATE it.  Well, this is the kicker...I LOVE it...and as a result, I have dropped 4lbs and 4 inches after four class (a span of about 6 days).  I felt amazing after each class...would come home and make a yummy dinner and was so relaxed that I forgot to stress about money and how bad I am with it. In fact, I and have been focusing on health/nutrition/exercise and a major benefit to that is that frugality is  practically a least for me.  Here's why: when I'm focusing on health and healthy living, I am eating at home, planning meals, buying fresh food and overall just really in tune with my mind and body and thoughtful about things...and yes, that includes money.

I want to say this is new and different...because honestly, I've never experienced any form of exercise quite like Bikram.  It's a specific type of yoga that is done in a room with temps around 104-106 F and about 40% humidity.  For 90 minutes, I don't have to think about anything...merely focus and listen and push my's difficult and there have been times I want to run out of the room...but, the clarity in thinking when done is profound (at least it is for me)...and I feel less inclined to do anything that jeopardizes the inner peace I feel and that includes making poor food choices or money choices.

So, all that to say that maybe I've been focusing on the money part...when I should have been focusing on the "ME" part...and that by focusing on the "ME" part I'm able to achieve both freedom and weight loss.  

I it reverse psychology?  Is it a passing fad...I've been know to do that  (think Slim-in-6 impulse infomercial purchase)...hopefully, it's exactly what I need for this season in life.

AND...the best part...I had intended to purchase an unlimited monthly membership and the day I was going to purchase it...a Groupon offering a 50% discount was emailed to my phone.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So...I've been a bad blogger...and dieter, for that matter.  This is, after all, a blog devoted to seeing weight and debt shrink.  I guess I could blame it on moving...on vacation...on not being on schedule...but, then, that would just be a bunch of excuses.

And I hate excuses.

So, I won't apologize for not paying down debt or gaining about 3 lbs....I'll just chalk it up to life.  Which includes...are you, moving my parents, moving our family, possibly short selling, unpacking, a second mini vacay and a future mini vacay.  And when I say vacay, I mean, staying with family and getting out of town for as little (cost wise) as possible.  It seems we spend more when we are in town...go figure.

As I mentioned earlier, we moved.  And in that move comes purging and more purging.  Currently, I have a bedroom filled to the brim with "I can't let go of..." items.  My daughter even called me a paper hoarder, which I found offensive...but, that's another blog.  Also, in that move comes-what do we do with our first home...which is tragically underwater.

We are getting through the must-do's...and when we're done, it's likely it will be time for school/work to start back up.  Which is fine...except, I had hoped to have lost about 40 lbs...not, really, maybe 20...and I'll be lucky to have dropped 10 lbs.

Why can't I seem to put ME as a priority?  Maybe it's because I'm carting kids around...I like wine...I am still in moving/unpacking mode and my one event consists of wine shared with my hubby.  I spend on the go...and I don't make time for me.

Goal for this week:
Work out 3 out of the 5 days
Cut back on wine after dinner.

We shall see...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Communication...or rather, lack thereof...

Just when I thought things were progressing, I realize that I'm overdrawn on my bank account.  It wasn't my doing, hubby decided to make purchases and while they were necessities, the timing was off.  Our new home does not have much in the way of storage.  Hubby usually installs closet organizers (the kind you get at Home Depot) and we priced and measured what we would need for the bedrooms and it was in the $2000-$2500 range.  Yikes!  So when he found something that would work and it was high quality at Costco, for about $450, he thought it was a deal.  I came home to find two shelving units in our closet and one in our daughters room and was happy to have functionality back in my bedroom, but, really hate the thought of our next paycheck being spoken for.

I'm disheartened, and sometimes I feel that hubby gets real closed minded when I try to talk to him and he takes it personally...I certainly don't want to fight.  I'm really stressing the need to communicate...I hope he's listening.

On another note, I'm down about 3 lbs., and it's not even my weigh-in day!  Yay!  I've been walking/jogging/running 2-4 miles a day this week, watching what I eat, loading up on fruits/veggies AND no alcohol...:)  I feel hopeful....

...and hope is a nice feeling to have.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Again, this blog is helping me face some things in my life that I've been in denial over...I've been in an over consumption state, while thinking that I'm pretty frugal because I don't go to Starbucks daily.  Over consumption that is evidenced in food, drink, health, money and I've finding that it's harder to break habits than I thought.  

I'm already over budget...have been for the last week.  I did what I could last week to make it Father's Day and then shopped because we hosted the festivities.  It was pot-luck, which helped, but we bought the main dish items...which is fine, in years past we would have dropped $150 easy on taking family out to lunch.  Plus, hubby made a mental point to grill portion friendly servings so we had left over meat to use for the week.  I'm trying to figure what to make for dinner and I need some "items" at the store...but, I'm not going to the store and need to make least, that's my resolve now, hopefully, it will be the same come 4 p.m. 

Our alcohol tab is outta control...even drinking at home (versus going out) is literally draining our grocery budget.  However, hubby and I recently found ourselves sans kids and a gorgeous summer evening in our new home and he went out and got a bottle of wine so we could sit on our porch and savor the moment.  It was awesome.  It was not planned.  It was a poignant moment in our summer.  It was not budgeted.  These "moments" seem to happen we are celebrating...and in many ways we are...but, why does it have to include alcohol?

Surprisingly, this area has been pretty good.  I've been going to the gym daily and really trying...however, no progress due to many empty calories from wine or mixed drinks.  So, hubby and I made a pact...we are BOTH going to avoid alcohol so that we can support each other and our goals.  This means that Happy Hour with my girlfriends will need to be restructured...and our "moments" to celebrate need to be commemorated in a different manner...but, the goal is improved health.

We have been mindful of spending and it's noticeable in our bank account and the fact that we are not overdrawn.  We just moved and have cut our expenses, but, we still have our other home that we are trying to rent.  We are in a quandary and will need to make some decisions soon if we are unable to find renters.  I'm dreading all of that, but, at the same time want to get a move in the right direction financially.  I'm thankful we were able to buy at a very low price in a nice neighborhood.  

Overall, I feel hopeful...I feel like I'm really seeing myself and my habits for what they are...unhealthy spiritually, physically and financially...and they are all intertwined.  I want change NOW.  I want to be out of debt NOW.  I want to lose 25 lbs NOW.  And I know that it doesn't work that way...and though that is frustrating and at times I feel defeated....(the "I will never" set in..."I will never be able to wear my skinny clothes"..."I will never pay off debt" get the drift), it's imperative that I stay accountable to keep my path straight.

So, for dinner, I'm thawing out the meat and pinto beans I made last week-adding taco seasoning, cooking the veggies I have on hand (zucchini, eggplant, tomato, bell pepper) adding some cheese and place in a tortilla for the family (I will just eat as is-no tortilla for me <sniff, sniff> )....I'm not going to the store...we don't have any wine in the house which is fine by me...and hubby and I plan to take a walk after dinner...maybe a magical moment will happen...:)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Grocery budget and making do

Since I've already over spent on groceries this month (already, I know, ugh!) I'm looking for ways to use what I have and stretch-stretch-stretch!

I spent Tues. doing the following:

Cooked up 2 lbs ground beef in crock pot (LOVE this method...I do need to break-up lumps mid way...and drain the fat towards the end...otherwise, it's a breeze to do!) and added about 2 cups of shredded carrots the last 30 minutes of crock-pot cycle.  This stretches the meat and allows me to sneak in some, helps me to use the 5 lb. bag of carrots sitting in my fridge.  Once cooked, I divided up and the batch yielded four servings (two cups each) that I will use in various meals.  Last night, I made spaghetti and used homemade marinara (see below) mixed with a portion of the ground beef.

I also made a double batch of marinara sauce from scratch.  I did see a can (not a jar) of Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce on sale for .88 cents this past weekend.  I picked it up looked at ingredients and put it back on the shelf.  My batch yields FIVE 3cup servings.  I used one serving for dinner and froze the rest.

Menu for the next few days is as follows:
Tues-Spag and meat sauce (found some frozen green beans)
Wed.- Taco Casserole
Thus-chicken, veggies, potato
Friday-Chicken and pasta
Sat- Soup or bean burritos

For breakfast we have cereal/pancakes/toast/eggs to choose from

For lunch we have leftovers/turkey sandwich and delish homemade split pea soup to choose from

I think I can make it until to figure out a BARE minimum of groceries to supplement what I have in freezer/pantry.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heart/Mind Connection

I'm about week into this blog and I'm beginning to make connections that I knew in my head, but these connections are now sinking in to my heart. I think it's the fact that this is somewhat of a "confessional" for me...and the ability to share my financial situation allows me to really come to terms with a few things in regards to my money and my spending.

 It's June 12th...and I've met my grocery budget. Yikes. I have been reviewing the numbers and purchases and guess where the biggest drain has been in this area? Nope, it's not my teens and their non-stop hunger...nope, it's not the recent purchases of higher quality's...ummm...well, it's alcohol. <running behind the couch> Yeah...and hubby and I have been having Happy Hour at home...which, technically, it's cheaper...but, yikes. Remember my earlier blog about wanting to lose weight...well, I could easily attribute weight gain to drinking...and the weight makes me sad and so I's crazy. 

 I feel like I should clarify...because I don't want us to come off as alcoholics...because we are not. We like wine, hubby loves beer, and cocktails are just divine...and we drink responsibly. It's just that if hubby and I are having 1-2 glasses of wine 4-5x a week...or maybe 1-2 nights out of the 4-5x we have margarita's or mojito's...well, you get the adds up calories and MONEY wise. 

 So, here's another donedittydone moment...I'm so over spending $200-300 on social drinking.

 Hubby is on board...and it provided us with a real heart to heart talk on the role we want this to play in our life. We've agreed to cut back, allow "x" amount of dollars to buy wine/beer/drink mix a month from our monthly food budget. Anything over and above that must come from our personal "blow" money. We are only drinking on weekends. 

 So back to grocery talk...I have about $100 in cash, that I was going to use for misc., but will now have to use it towards food. I'm very resourceful when it comes to food and can stretch items out. I will probably need to buy produce by the weekend...I'm going to try to come up with a myriad of ways to make use of the carrots I have on hand...pretty much the only fresh veggie left. 

 On a positive note...I'm been exercising every day...20-45 minutes. Today, I think I will try for an evening workout as well... 

 ...since I won't be sitting on the patio with the hubs having a glass of wine.... 

 ...can't do that until Friday... Progress, right?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thank you frugal girl

Food Waste Friday! I am a HUGE blog fan of "The Frugal Girl" and so many other blogs that I've followed over the years. I especially like the movement that (I think) the Frugal Girl started which is to create an awareness to food that has gone to waste. Each Friday, it's encouraged that you post about food that was wasted. As a fan of FG, I have made many efforts and change in this department...however, I hope that having my own blog will serve as an accountability of sorts. I recently had to go through my fridge (not for this) because something was smelling...and I knew I needed to clean it out. I did. Wow. It was not a fine moment. It was a WASTE of produce...the items I cherish the most! :( I had purchased the big salad green mix that comes in a plastic container (think Costco) and it served my family for about 2 meals...with another 2 family side to dinner and possibly a lunch for me left in it...and then "life" hit. Moving, multiple graduations to attend, parties, shuffling kids place to place...and finding ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time for dinner (think Fastfood or burger joints)...and about half of this lettuce was wasted. It was so nasty and smelly that I didn't think twice about throwing it out. Just now, in hindsight, I see that it was a WASTEFUL thing to do...and it should have been eaten because the reality is (at least this is what I thought when I bought it) that it's an "easy" meal waiting to happen. Add some shredded chicken, shredded cheese, grate up some carrots, chop up extra veggies and viola! You have cheap and healthy dinner that hands down better than anything else we consumed in the green-mix-salad stead. So, please bear with me as I try this out...with the goal of a soon to be NO FOOD WASTE to post!

I hate moving...'s such a pain...and it's so HOT outside!  But, it's proving to be a great opportunity to purge and down size.  Our new home is a bit smaller than our 1st home and we have less storage space.  But, that's OK with me.

I found that with a bigger home (house #1) came bigger everything-furniture/utility bills/JUNK...and it allowed opportunity to get lost in separate spaces.  Our new home has a much more family feel and I'm noticing that our family is spending more time together doing the's nice.

I need to complete the move...we have all our necessities in new home and I'm worried about cluttering up by bringing things over that are still in 1st home.  I plan to utilize Craigs List and sell some big items and hopefully get some cash...and I really want to hurry up and finish the that I can enjoy the new abode and summer.

My issue is that I'm somewhat of a hoarder...and I'm realizing this as I've been away from my "stuff."  I have to really aware of what I need, what I can donate and what I need to throw.away.

Anyone have problems with this?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Hour Recap

Well, I managed to stay within budget...YAY!  But, I probably went over my calorie budget...BOO!  I had two drinks (which normally I'd probably have three...<I didn't drive>...) but it was the darn sushi and edamame!  My girlfriends and I have a routine at this restaurant and order delish sushi at happy hour prices...but, then, we also went for fro-yo...and that gets me every time  calorie-wise.  I guess I can be happy that I only spend $30 (two drinks, two rolls, edamame and fro-yo), because normally, I drop $40-$ progress...

...except that I accepted a Happy Hour invitation for next Thursday with some girls from work...BUT, I still have left over BLOW money to use for that occasion.

I guess overall this was a learning curve for me...I stayed under budget...but, can still work on my calorie intake.

How do you deal with social circumstances such as Happy Hour with friends and/or co-workers?

Summer 2012

Summer is finally here!  I'm a teacher so summer certainly means rest for me.  It is also the time for me to do all things I said I would "do once summer arrives" and wow, that is a long list!  The first thing I've been telling myself that I will "do once it's summer," is workout (again).  I'm now on day 2 of "summer" and found myself going through a list of excuses as to why today wasn't a good day to workout...oh, how the mind plays tricks!

I made a purposeful decision to listen to a podcast (Dave Ramsey) and walked on an incline on a treadmill for 20 minutes, then, I alternated with 90 second sprints and 90 second recover walks for the remaining 20 minutes.  All in all, a great workout and just the mental push I needed to get started.

I can't help but see the connection between money and weight...I convince myself to spend more than I should, I rationalize "needs" when some may seem them as "wants", I justify spending money eating and drinking at restaurants (the calorie intake also a negative consequence) because I deserve it...all of these actions affecting my wallet and my thighs.

Self discipline.  I need more of this.  I need to practice this and really step away from the moment to make choices that will benefit me-saving money/working out/losing weight/getting out of debt.

So with all that said, should I be embarrassed to say that I'm meeting friends for Happy Hour in about two hours?  Or, can this be a moment to really grow in self discipline?  I have personal, budgeted blow money that I'm using...I won't order more than 1 drink and watch what I order for food.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hello!  I'm Jane Nomoredebt and I'm so happy you are reading this.  I'm just a, actually, a woman, who is seeking accountability when it comes to finances and personal weight.  I think they are connected...and I'm trying to shave off money (resources) to pay off debt and save while trying to shave off LBS and get into my "skinny" clothes!  I have many objectives for this blog, however, my main purpose is to be accountable to a fiscal resolve of NOMOREDEBT and to find community of others who face the same challenges: losing weight, paying off debt, dealing with an underwater mortgage and raising a family...and, oh yes, I'm married.  The balance of all these concepts is overwhelming...and I know there must be others like me out there...and my goal is to create the "new" rules of this economy and THRIVE!  All of my details and specifications will be revealed over time...:)