Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reverse Psychology

I think I'm on to something. 

Since my last blog post, I've logged on completely stumped because I wanted to blog, but felt like such a loser because it seems that I really stink at money management, that I wouldn't blog...just avoid it...just forget that this blog even exists.  

Then of course, the guilt of over spending would set in and the knowledge that I lack accountability in this area would become even more obvious. I would read other blogs, and feel like I really had nothing to contribute because in my mind, my mess is way too big.

 Which brings me to about two weeks ago...when I totally forgot about money.  You see, I have this high school reunion coming up and I'm kinda freaking out about not having dropped much weight this summer.  A friend had five passes to Bikram yoga (more on that later) that she couldn't use and asked if I wanted to try out.  I had been wanting to try it...but, it's pricey, and my thinking was that I'd probably HATE it.  Well, this is the kicker...I LOVE it...and as a result, I have dropped 4lbs and 4 inches after four class (a span of about 6 days).  I felt amazing after each class...would come home and make a yummy dinner and was so relaxed that I forgot to stress about money and how bad I am with it. In fact, I and have been focusing on health/nutrition/exercise and a major benefit to that is that frugality is  practically a least for me.  Here's why: when I'm focusing on health and healthy living, I am eating at home, planning meals, buying fresh food and overall just really in tune with my mind and body and thoughtful about things...and yes, that includes money.

I want to say this is new and different...because honestly, I've never experienced any form of exercise quite like Bikram.  It's a specific type of yoga that is done in a room with temps around 104-106 F and about 40% humidity.  For 90 minutes, I don't have to think about anything...merely focus and listen and push my's difficult and there have been times I want to run out of the room...but, the clarity in thinking when done is profound (at least it is for me)...and I feel less inclined to do anything that jeopardizes the inner peace I feel and that includes making poor food choices or money choices.

So, all that to say that maybe I've been focusing on the money part...when I should have been focusing on the "ME" part...and that by focusing on the "ME" part I'm able to achieve both freedom and weight loss.  

I it reverse psychology?  Is it a passing fad...I've been know to do that  (think Slim-in-6 impulse infomercial purchase)...hopefully, it's exactly what I need for this season in life.

AND...the best part...I had intended to purchase an unlimited monthly membership and the day I was going to purchase it...a Groupon offering a 50% discount was emailed to my phone.