Saturday, March 16, 2013


I think I'm focusing on the wrong  I should be focusing on me (my weight).  I am really struggling with my weight and the fact that I HAD to buy a bigger size pants (something I've avoided for a loooooonnnnnnggggggg) time.  I find myself cringing at my reflection...struggling with self-loathing...and recognizing that I have to do something NOW.  Not tomorrow.

I think this blog can help me with both.  But, I've been avoiding it because money isn't the issue for much as my weight is at this time.

So I am DONEDITTYDONE with the struggle and focusing on how to get my mind in gear to make serious change NOW.

Hubby is taking me away for a's our anniversary weekend....I'm expecting to really use this time to get a game plan started and take control of my weight again.  I've done this before...I can do it again.  My "skinny" clothes are waiting.

If you can relate to weight struggles, please share what has worked for you....any tips, ideas are welcome!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I'm making some progress, even though it's in my mind/mindset, it's progress.  I'm really recognizing that there isn't an easy fix to anything...that it's in the moment that I choose the long term results of such actions.  From money to weight, it's in the little things that add up.  While I'm frustrated that after 1 day of healthy eating there isn't any action on the scale...and when I crunch numbers there isn't any "new" or "magic" money that is there due to my decision to not spend...but after a few days, the scale may budge and the bank account stays (because I haven't spent)...I guess this goes along the lines of learning patience.  And maybe this is a character issue that I have yet to learn, waiting-focus-patience.

I don't like waiting. at.all.

...yo fit in my size 8 jeans and to have debt paid off.  It's depressing to think that it will be a long time for either to happen...this is where patience comes in, along with clear vision for self.

Oftentimes the "lose weight" and the "pay off debt" resolutions seem so depressing because it's not possible to do it in a 1-year period.  Although, the lose weight part is something I can do in a year...and if I hunkered down, in 4-6 months.  I just have to maintain focus...not allow frustration to set in...and take it one day at a time.

So with this mindset comes some good movement on the home-front.  I have a pretty stocked freezer due to some awesome sales I found on beef/chicken a couple of weeks ago.  But, before I use that, I'm making a point to use up other frozen items.  I have two leftover beef soups that are in my crockpot and honestly, this is something I would have thrown out.  As I type this, I can smell the soup and it smells DELISH and with a side salad will be a perfect meal tonight.  My family won't even know it's leftovers, let alone frozen leftovers, and I'm happy that I see that one more evening that I can use my homemade frozen food, is one less day I have to spend $ on for the month..

I know this mindset is the norm for most, I guess I'm slow on the frugal uptake!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

I guess it's appropriate that one of my "New Year Resolutions" is to blog.  But before I expand  on my NYR's and the like, I must acknowledge that it's been nearly 4 months since my last post.  Though I had started this blog in the summer of 2012 with the notion that I was DoneDittyDone with being in debt and overweight, the harsh reality of what that means and the time and energy it will take to tackle both, never mind one, is overwhelming.

I've been dealing with the overwhelming someway mourning the time that I will have to give to this endeavor...and mentally preparing for the roll-up-the-sleeves-get-ready-to-work attitude that is necessary to make a dent...and it's taken me months to face this.

While I thought I should start a new blog, I like this one...and thought I should at least give it an honest 2nd chance.

So here it goes- NYR on the personal and financial front-I'll explain more over the next few days:

$ Goals
1. Pay down debt
2. Build up savings
3. Stay on budget
4. Make purposeful choices to not spend

Personal Goals:
1. Bikram Yoga- 3 times a week
2. Cardio- 2 times a week (minimum)
3.  Increase veggie intake
4. De-clutter

I know these are generic...but, each category has specific methods/purpose...I'll elaborate as I can on each.  Until then...Happy New's to 2013!!!