Saturday, March 16, 2013


I think I'm focusing on the wrong  I should be focusing on me (my weight).  I am really struggling with my weight and the fact that I HAD to buy a bigger size pants (something I've avoided for a loooooonnnnnnggggggg) time.  I find myself cringing at my reflection...struggling with self-loathing...and recognizing that I have to do something NOW.  Not tomorrow.

I think this blog can help me with both.  But, I've been avoiding it because money isn't the issue for much as my weight is at this time.

So I am DONEDITTYDONE with the struggle and focusing on how to get my mind in gear to make serious change NOW.

Hubby is taking me away for a's our anniversary weekend....I'm expecting to really use this time to get a game plan started and take control of my weight again.  I've done this before...I can do it again.  My "skinny" clothes are waiting.

If you can relate to weight struggles, please share what has worked for you....any tips, ideas are welcome!!!!

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